2019 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

2019 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

2019 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

After watching how well the 2018 performed, the 2019 season simply said “hold my beer.” This year provided almost flawless growing conditions across Sonoma & Napa County. There is much for you to look forward to, given the gifts nature provided (this does not happen every year – see 2020). The season saw just the right amount of early heat to acclimate the baby grapes, followed by a well-behaved temperature arc through the extended summer that laid the groundwork for balanced fruit maturity. The result was an outstanding harvest with distinctly deep colors and sensual flavor development. Thankfully, we wrapped up Pinot Noir and Chardonnay well before the fires in late October. 2019 might be a year we speak about for a long time. Good news too, in case 2021 tells 2020 to hold its beer.

Side note: you might notice the sleeker, leaner bottles for SC Chardonnay this year. We’ve moved to lighter, thinner glass to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the movement and transport of our finished wines.

About the Wine

I believe we’ve settled into a groove with our Sonoma-Coast designate Chardonnay with this, our fourth vintage. Sourced from two distinct sites in the breezy Western Corridor – Carneros and the famed Bacigalupi in Russian River – each lot underwent distinct vinification & maturation techniques. After a gentle, direct-press, the Carneros portion spent a cool fermentation vacation in closed-top stainless steel to retain the inherent lively fruit aromas. Meanwhile Bacigalupi patiently built a rich, meditative home inside new Francois Freres barrels, providing the balancing textural deftness that our Sonoma Coast is becoming known for. After partial malolactic fermentation, both stainless steel and oak-aged components were blended and lightly fined a month prior to bottling to marry their respective character.

Tasting Notes

Similar to the highly popular 18 in the most important ways, this was another elegant Chardonnay produced by an elegant vintage. Aromas of citrus, snappy apple, almond, white peach, are followed by a lively palate with more apple, persimmon, and a floral touch resembling jasmine. There’s a taut cohesion between indulgent citrus/stone liveliness and the creamy textural hint of the well-dressed, oak-aged Bacigalupi element. Don’t overchill, this has lots going on.

$27 750ml