There are myriad ways to approach winemaking.

At one end of the spectrum, you start with fixed resources—purchase vineyards, build a winery and hire a winemaker—and the wine’s style is dictated by what happens to all three variables from year to year.

At the opposite end, you work the other way around: determine what style you’re seeking, then find the sources to achieve that.

We’ve used and have great respect for both methods, as each has its merits.

But we’ve found that the second method gives us the flexibility needed to maintain consistency in style and quality from vintage to vintage—and to be able to say yes to the unexpected kickass find.

It might mean more mud on the boots and miles on the odometer, but we have the freedom to sleuth the vineyards, sample the barrels and shake the right hands to secure what we feel are the best fruit and wines out there to blend and age into our vision of a great, distinctive wine—and at the right price.

So what exactly is that style we’re traveling the back roads in search of?

Our wines showcase the sunny, easygoing temperament of fruit grown in California but without losing the more refined elements of the grape’s DNA and European heritage. Each presents the hallmark characteristics of the wine’s terroir, while hitting that sweet spot of ripe but not overblown, elegant but not anemic, with everything in proper proportion.

Wines worth taking a moment to sit back and savor.


Peter Paul


Martin R. Reyes

Chief Wine Officer