UPDATE June 14, 2019: We are excited to announce attractive flat-rate shipping, available with 6 bottle increments. Ground shipping will be $20 for six bottles, $30 for twelve (West Coast) and $25 for six bottles and $35 for twelve (everywhere else.) For more information, or for expedited shipping rates, please contact orders@peterpaulwines.com.

It’s rare to find Peter Paul Wine on a store shelf; that’s by design. We producer less than 2,000 cases total each year.

Rather than grow quickly and make massive amounts of wine that will offend no one, we prefer to focus on wines that are distinctive and speak of varietal, vintage and location.

By staying small, we are able to find and secure those under-the-radar sources to create our best wine. We invite you to take a look. 

Please note, due to limited production, certain wines are only available through our mailing list. Please consider signing up to the list to find out more, or email Martin@peterpaulwines.com directly.