Harvest 2021 Newsletter

2021 Harvest Summary While we did not produce a 2020 Mille Freres Pinot Noir, it is with gratitude and relief that we report a beautiful and peaceful harvest this year! Even ripening, low yields due to drought and blessedly free of smoke – 2021 is very promising. Extremely low yields lead to more concentrated and ripe fruit with higher skin to More


Harvest 2020 Newsletter

Harvest 2020 Update Let’s start with the hard part first.  Devastating wildfires hit parts of Sonoma and Napa Valley, starting with a gut punch of dry lightning in late August– so absurdly 2020. As a result, we are saddened to report that our prized Pinot Noir source Terra di Promissio vineyard in Petaluma suffered too much smoke taint. We (and other wineries) lost the entire crop More


Autumn 2018 Updates

The harvest that took forever. A shockingly late harvest. We pick our Cabernet Franc on November 5th,the latest date ever for us. The hand-harvested four tons of Bacigalupi Chardonnay (Sept 25) and five tons of Pinot Noir (Sept 27) are resting in their new barrels almost a month later than last year. It seems everything is late this year, even Martin’s second child was 10 days late, making him a sweet, late-harvest baby.